Becker Die Cutting Inc.
          A Family Business Since 1975


Becker Die cutting was opened in 1975 by Mr. Becker.  For the last 35 years Becker Die has provided excellent service for both large and small companies Die Making and Die Cutting


Welcome to the Becker Die Cutting Shop

Past Customers

  1. -Disney

  2. -Garth Brooks

  3. -Bic Pen

  4. -Accounting Supplies

  5. -Many wonderful Small Companies

Possible Projects

  1. -Die Making

  2. -Die Cutting

  3. -Foil Stamping

  4. -Embossing

  5. -Debossing

Contact Info

Margie Becker

310 E. Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, Ca 90015

Phone: 213-748-3030

Fax: 213-748-0216